You Only Get (1) Shot

Last night while listening to “my playlist” one of the songs that popped up really hit home. The song from Eminem titled: “Lose Yourself” starts out like this: “Look…..if you had one shot…one seize everything you ever wanted in one moment….would you capture it or let it slip?”


Never has this phrase meant more to me.

In the last 5 years our company (pink paislee) has grown at a rate of 23-25% and it has taken all of my energy to keep up with the fast pace of the craft and hobby industry in addition to the fast pace of our own growth. We now have 5 full time employees (yay..up from 4 last year) and we are constantly working with more and more freelance employees to cover our workload; it is an exciting time. In 2012 we also moved into a 5200 sq. foot warehouse & office space and already we have outgrown it and are on the lookout for a larger facility! It’s crazy! …and now..the biggest opportunity we have ever been involved with will be revealed in just a few weeks. (more on that later….)

A close friend and confidant said to me this week “we don’t want to take on too much so let’s just pace ourselves…” If only he knew that wasn’t possible for me. I can confirm without even a second of hesitation that I am a workaholic. I work 7 days a week and when I’m not working my brain is still “working” – thinking of ways we can improve our business or improve the products we design. Being “good” just isn’t good enough. We want to be great; and..luckily in 2013 great things are happening!

And that is why this song really hit home for me. How about you? If you only had 1 shot…would you capture it too?


One thought on “You Only Get (1) Shot

  1. Oh, Rebecca…I love this post…and I think you’re wonderful…after meeting you I feel like I can understand even better where you’re coming from. You know I wish all the best for you and Barry…you guys are really exploding to the top!!! xoxo

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