This will be my view….soon!


I travel a lot; but the truth is I end up traveling alone to business meetings or I end up trying to “tack on” a few days here and there while I am attending events for work. Somehow it never is exactly like “taking a vacation.” In July while having dinner with some of our “supplier partners” I made a comment that I really needed to take a vacation and that I seriously needed to disconnect from the world and spend some quality time on a white sandy beach.  Any beach..I wasn’t particular…I just want the sand to be SO WHITE it looks like sugar.  Right away our dinner guest said to me “You need to go to Playa del Carmen” Now…I have to preface this by saying my husband Barry had already told me he wasn’t even considering Mexico so over dinner we discussed all the benefits of Playa del Carmen and how this location was different from Cancun.  I was intrigued to say the least.

About 2 weeks after that conversation I got an email from that same supplier partner telling me how his brother is a partner at this boutique hotel called Playa Palms and he went on to tell me that they would love to help us with our travel plans! They sent over a complete list of things to do, sites to see, and tips for traveling around the area. It was truly the perfect email to get me in gear!  We checked our calendar and said YES! right then and there.

So..that photo above. That is the actual hotel where we will be staying and I am going to hang in that hammock whenever I want.  I am going to turn off my cell phone (maybe….) and i am going to fall asleep on that beach.  I absolutely can’t wait!

Thanks for making this happen for us guys….we adore you!  (you know who you are!)


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