Alphabet Storage

Most of the people who know me through scrapbooking know that I am addicted to alphabets.  In fact, I have so many packs of alphabets that I needed wall storage to arrange them in a way that would allow me to see them while I scrap.  I have a major problem with “can’t see it, won’t use it.”  Also…..I am very bad at adding handwriting to my layouts so I use alphas in all sizes and shapes to create titles and journaling bits.  I also have mini alpha stamps stored on the bottom shelf of the Making Memories wall organizer and chipboard alphabets in the small jars sitting on the wall shelf.  There are letters EVERYWHERE.

Now here is another secret….this isn’t all of them!  I still have an entire basket full of odd packaged letters, chipboard letters, etc.  The ones hanging here are mostly stickers and rub-on letters.  The funny thing is…once I added the Pink Paislee stickers to the wall this past weekend I realized why our stickers are so popular.  The COLORS!  I mean look at the variety we offer.  I just love seeing all those fun and bright color options!

Anyway….I thought it was time that I shared a few pics of my “alpha wall of shame.”

I plan on redoing the paint color soon and once all that is done I will show off the remainder of the scrap studio!

Chow for now :-)


Is this crazy or what?  How do you store your alphas?

27 thoughts on “Alphabet Storage

  1. too awesome! I was just thinking about this today and wondering where I could put something like it :) I wanna come scrap at your house!!!

  2. I just recently moved them all onto my ClipItUp – and that seems to be working better. They’re all in one place, I can see them all, and I can pick JUST the right one for my layout! I can’t tell you how many I forgot I had!
    BUT, I now have to find a place for my ClipItUp that isn’t in the way – if I had more wall space, I’d LOVE your way!

  3. Gosh I wish I had wall space. My ‘studio’ has 3 doors in one wall and a floor to ceiling window that takes up the opposite wall. I have expedits on the other 2 walls otherwise I wouldn’t have enough storage for all of my different crafts. No closet.
    Would love to create an alpha wall! LOL! I do have a library card catalog drawer cabinet with 30 drawers that are full of all my chipboard & non-sticker letters. Love to pull out a drawer and rummage through for the right letter style! Just need to get all those sticker packs in line.

    Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Wow! This is awesome!! I am soooo going to IKEA this weekend. Now I need to find some wall space that I don’t have, heehee.
    I already have a lot of those hooks, and didn’t know what to do with it. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. I LOVE it!!! So wish I had the wall space to do this. All my alphas are CRAMMED into a box and getting them out and putting them back is a task and a half.


  6. Great alpha wall! I have one of the longer bygel rods for alphas in my scrap room, I wish I had more wall space! Mine is getting just a little too packed ;) i use them so much more now that I can “see” them!

  7. OMG I think this is just so devine!! I have been trying to find something to hang my alpha’s on!! Mine are in plastic folder and I have to get them in and out of the cupboard and out of the folder and it is so annoying!!Thank you for sharing with us!! Luv Shaz xoxo

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  9. WOW!!!!! I love the way you’ve stored all your alphas. It looks like a store in your room! Me – I’ve just stuffed my alphas in a drawer. Not so pretty, but neither is my scrap room. *sigh*

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  11. I love this idea….Ikea here I come….I just finished hanging all my punches on these bars. I am curious did you use the S hooks from Ikea or did you use the small round rings that you can open and close? My DD is looking for a solution to store stickers and this might be it as we both agree out of site out of mind and we won’t use it if we don’t see it! Have a most excellent day and thanks for the share!

  12. I love what you have done here.. what a wonder full idea….i know the rods are from IKEA but where did you find the “O” rings?

  13. I’m trying to think of other ways to use this idea and wondered about the wall attachment that they are swinging from. I think I’ve seen these before. Sad part is that I have so much stuff to organize and so much overlaps into other crafts and oh my gosh you could spend hours daydreaming. Have you ever thought this is a great idea and before you know it you’ve outgrown that idea. Thanks to everyone for sharing and the inspiration.

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  18. I love the idea, but I have TONS of sticker letters of all sizes so this wouldn’t work for me. Any other suggestions. I like the idea of having them out in the open to be able to see them though.

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  20. Love it, are those s hooks, or clips? Can’t see that detail well enough. I have stickers and stencils hanging from large wire hooks that i made myself so that I can hang multiples from each and they are hooked onto a circular pot holder I hung from the ceiling. I hung it from the ceiling so that it would be closer to me. I like your idea coz its neater and well organized, I’ve come to hanging other stuff on my pot holder and it goes lopsided and doesn’t look good. I need things to look neat coz I’m not comfortable when things get to looking too messy.

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